How to redeem a coupon

This is how you can redeem a coupon in the TireMoni Webshop:
1) Place your desired article in your basket:

  • Click the desired article and then
  • click the light blue symbos ‘in Warenkorb’

You will then see this image (just with your articles listed…):
Webshop Warenkorb

  • Now click the top right button ‘Zur Kasse gehen’

and you will arrive at this page:
Webshop Bestellung Schritt 1

  • Scroll down all the way on this page and…

Webshop Gutschein einlösen

  • insert the coupon code into the field (yellow circle) and then
  • click on ‘Gutschein einlösen’

Now your coupon is activated and its value is subtracted from the total order value.

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